FACT...You have less than 5 seconds to engage a visitor to your website. Tough does your site stack up? Think of a website as your " Employee of the Year". It works hard 24 hours a day, never calls in sick, never takes a vacation, never says "that's not my job", and most importantly doesn't ask for a paycheck! If your website is asleep on the job then it's time to call the experts.


Dave Horn Designs

When we first meet with Dave Horn of Dave Horn Designs (DHD) he was working with a site that he had pieced together himself. There was nothing terribly wrong with the just didn't match the quality level of the amazing works of art he was creating for his wasn't making people take notice and say, "WOW!".

After sitting down and listening to what they envisioned in a website we quickly realized we would need a very unique approach. DHD has two separate and VERY different customer bases. The first being the high-end custom jewelry market and the second being customers looking for Motorcycle Engraving. This created an interesting dilemma. How do you highlight one market without turning off the other completely?

We creatively solved this with the use of an intro page that allows the customer to choose which side of the site they wish to visit. The design not only improved the visual aspect of the site, it also elevated people's perception of DHD, which translated directly into more sales!

WREN Radio

The bird is back! WREN Radio originally signed on-the-air in 1926! Throughout the years the station changed hands and formats many times finally meeting its end in 1999. After 13 years of silence a group of former radio DJ's have brought it back to life...and it's better than ever! This time as an internet radio station they are not limited by a "local listening area". WREN Radio is available anywhere in the world...and the world is taking notice! With listeners in every state in the US and over 20 countries worldwide WREN's listener base is growing every day!

The idea of a high-tech, internet based radio station playing classic oldies really intrigued us! The challenge...create a site that meets modern day website requirements and still keeps that old school vibe worthy of the legendary music being played. The solution...employ cutting-edge web technologies blended with an ultra-hip retro feel! The result not only looks cool but it also increase listenership and helped build ad revenue!


POWERPLAY DJ Service is a very successful wedding and event DJ company that was limping along on a subpar website that was only costing money and not helping generate it! POWERPLAY's previous web design company was charging them a (high) monthly hosting fee AND charging them every time they needed to make a change to the site! We showed POWERPLAY a better way!

They took advantage of our flat fee pricing and got a new site up and running that not only plugged the never ending flow of money being spent but turned the tables and actually started earning its keep!