In a word, simply. Wait List Pager is designed from start to finish to allow for incredible functionality with almost zero learning curve. Simply ask guests for their name and phone number when they call ahead or walk up, and manage your wait list in Wait List Pager. Once the guest has arrived, a timer begins with the push of a button to monitor the wait in real time. When a table opens up, push a button and an automated text is sent to the guest. Yes, it's that easy. Wait List Pager is a web-based application, which means that it can be run on anything that has access to the Internet, including a desktop, laptop, or iPad.

• No more pagers to buy, replace, clean, protect, etc
• Promotional opportunity, include special info with seating notification.
• Eliminate crowds from doorways, stop losing guests.
• Keep hosts at the stand, not chasing down customers.
• Improved guest satisfaction, texting is convenient for them.
• Prioritize reservations and walk ins with easy sorting.

No Expensive Pagers to Buy

Wait List Pager is a paging system that uses your guests' cell phones instead of expensive pager systems. No more big upfront investments in hardware or replacing pagers that "walk off" every few weeks. Juggling a hungry crowd is tough - make it easier by replacing pagers with instant notifications from Wait List Pager.

Your Table's Ready!

Gone are the days of carrying awkwardly shaped pagers and huddling around the host stand; with Wait List Pager the phone that your guests already carry will let them know when your wait is over. Notify them instantly with a text or an automated call just by clicking a button. Food on!

Lose the Crowd, not the Customers

Texting customers frees them from waiting on top of the host stand. Crowds by the front door are big deterrents to potential guests, and there is nothing worse than losing a customer. Wait List Pager keeps your doorways clear and your tables full.

Keep your Staff Meeting & Greeting

You want your host to greet guests upon arrival, and that's hard to do if they're tracking down guests! Wait List Pager lets the host stay at their station and not worry about chasing customers or collecting abandoned (expensive!) pagers. Make your customers feel welcome with Wait List Pager.

Better and Cheaper Than Pagers

We understand the need to run a busy host stand efficiently, and also appreciate that when you're running a restaurant, every dollar counts. That's why Wait List Pager was built from the beginning to be efficient for hosts and cost-effective for owners. Wait List Pager is designed to give restaurants an easy way to unchain customers from their front door while improving the guest experience. Customers appreciate the convenience, mobility, and personalization of a text message - you appreciate the ease of management and cost savings.

It's Cheaper Than You Think

Most restaurants pay between $1,500 and $3,000 (or more) upfront to purchase a pager system, not to mention about $100 each time an individual pager needs to be replaced after it "walks off," breaks, or is lost by a staff member with the best intentions. With Wait List Pager, there is ZERO upfront cost, and you pay less than $80/month. We won't hook you in with a contract, and you don't pay a dime until you get to try it out. We offer a 30 day free trial of Wait List Pager so you can see how text paging is more efficient for your staff and provides a better experience for your guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you need to use Wait List Pager?

    Wait List Pager runs on any device that has a web-browser and is connected to the Internet. A lot of our customers use iPads or other tablets, but some use a desktop computer.
  • Is it an iPad app?

    No, Wait List Pager is a web application, which lets you use it from almost any computer or mobile device that is connected to the Internet.
  • Do my customer's need an iPhone or need to install an app?

    No, Wait List Pager utilizes text messaging to communicate with your customers. They do not need anything other than a cell phone.

Wait List Overview


"Love it. Better than being tethered to a pager. We went to the book store."

"Very Good. Better than sitting here. We went to Michael's Crafts and did some holiday shopping."

"Coolest thing I've ever seen. We were able to drive over and get movie tickets without worrying about losing our place in line."

"Cool. We sat at the bar and hit cancel when they called because we didn't need a table."

"If it weren't for the system, we would not have waited because we have 3 kids. No way can we wait for more than 10 minutes in a crowded restaurant."