You have exceeded our expectations in every way! We are really pleased with how well our Mobile Marketing Program is going with VIP Text Deals!

Lindsay Howerton – Original Juan

There is not an easier way for you to capture your consumer on a regular basis that is going to build Customer Loyalty than what we have done with VIP Text!

Terry Hier – Zarda BBQ

With VIP Text Deals we have great analytics that tell us, yes these customers are coming back in more often.

Mark Nigro - Martin City Sports Complex

We started seeing more customers coming back! Like customers that we used to see once a week, are now coming back 3 or 4 times a week. The customers are telling other customers in line to sign up! It's the best program I have ever seen!

Taylor Jones – Quizno's Subs

We had 30 people at the door, before we even opened! This proved the highly effectiveness of what a great system VIP Text Deals has for our retail business!

Chris – MAJ-R Thrift

In Today's world, everyone has their cell phone on them 100% of the time, and no other media outlet can reach 100% with a 95% open rate! We love it!

Brandon Graham – Papa Keno's Pizza

When we send out our special to our VIP Customers, we see an immediate response from our customers walking in with their mobile offer.

David – Petland

The Inactive Customer Offers are really pulling our customers back in and we don't have to do anything. The simplicity of this system is a key element. Not having to download an app or scan a QR code to scratch off. My staff needs to stay focused on selling, not slowing up the sales process!

Gary Bodony – The Tan Co.

If someone is looking for a great system and service, I would highly recommend VIP Text They manage it all!

TJ Nigro – Village Garden Florist

We have installed VIP Text Deals system into all 16 locations in KC & St. Louis. VIP Text Deals is truly a full service team of Loyalty Specialists!

David Copeland – Fantastic Sams