VIP Text Deals brings the power of Text Marketing to small and big business alike! We'll help you build your own customer list and market to them in the most effective ways possible. With new advances in technology, Mobile Marketing is now easy and affordable for businesses of all sizes. No other form of advertising gets a greater return on investment than Text Marketing! Touch-screen Kiosk setup at location to capture customers Information; track customer frequency, rewards earned, redeemed, and more. Analytics emailed to you weekly & monthly to show customer trends. Other Features Include:

- Fast-Easy-Simple Sign Up

- No Apps / No Cards / No Hassles

- Loyalty Rewards Kiosk

- 100% Participation Reach!

- Rewards ALL Customers! No Phone/Flip Phone or Smart Phone

- Convert Customers to Loyal Customers!

- Increase Repeat Customer Visits

- Drive Inactive Customers Back

- Track Customer Frequency

- Redeem Rewards & Offers on Loyalty Kiosk

Loyalty Rewards Kiosk

Touch-screen Kiosk setup at location to capture customers Information; track customer frequency, rewards earned, redeemed, and more. Analytics emailed to you weekly & monthly to show customer trends.

Loyalty Network/Web Bundle

Attract new customers by displaying your campaign information on our loyalty network website. Includes details about your business, signup area for new customers, and a mobile-enabled page for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Short Code?

    CSCs (Common Short Codes) are five or six digit numbers that can receive Short Messaging Service (SMS) messages. They are called "short codes" due to the length of the number people can use to send or receive information.

    A Short Code allows wireless subscribers to access applications on all participating wireless carriers' networks and give content providers access to millions of SMS subscribers. Once a short code is provisioned with the wireless carriers, all traffic to that short code is routed to the owner of that short code. In order to power services to the short code, an application is required. VipTextDeals gives you the short code 79774, with a mobile platform, to conduct mobile marketing campaigns.
  • What is a Key Word?

    A mobile key code or called a "keyword" is the text word associated with a SMS short code. For example - Text FREE to 79774 is a text promotion sample where if someone typed the key code "FREE" to the short code 79774, they would receive an offer from the advertiser that owns that keyword.
  • What is SMS/Text Messaging?

    Short Message Service (SMS) is the text communication service component of phone or mobile communication systems, using standardized communications protocols that allow the exchange of short text messages, usually up to 160 characters, between fixed line or mobile phone devices. SMS text messaging is the most widely used data application in the world, with 2.4 billion active users, or 74% of all mobile phone subscribers.
  • Can I start with a small plan and then upgrade if I need more?

    Yes, our mobile platform makes it very simple to upgrade or downgrade your monthly plan. It only takes a few minutes and can be done at anytime.


Try it for yourself!


You have exceeded our expectations in every way! We are really pleased with how well our Mobile Marketing Program is going with VIP Text Deals!

Lindsay Howerton – Original Juan

There is not an easier way for you to capture your consumer on a regular basis that is going to build Customer Loyalty than what we have done with VIP Text Deals.com!

Terry Hier – Zarda BBQ

With VIP Text Deals we have great analytics that tell us, yes these customers are coming back in more often.

Mark Nigro - Martin City Sports Complex

We started seeing more customers coming back! Like customers that we used to see once a week, are now coming back 3 or 4 times a week. The customers are telling other customers in line to sign up! It's the best program I have ever seen!

Taylor Jones – Quizno's Subs

We had 30 people at the door, before we even opened! This proved the highly effectiveness of what a great system VIP Text Deals has for our retail business!

Chris – MAJ-R Thrift

In Today's world, everyone has their cell phone on them 100% of the time, and no other media outlet can reach 100% with a 95% open rate! We love it!

Brandon Graham – Papa Keno's Pizza

When we send out our special to our VIP Customers, we see an immediate response from our customers walking in with their mobile offer.

David – Petland

The Inactive Customer Offers are really pulling our customers back in and we don't have to do anything. The simplicity of this system is a key element. Not having to download an app or scan a QR code to scratch off. My staff needs to stay focused on selling, not slowing up the sales process!

Gary Bodony – The Tan Co.

If someone is looking for a great system and service, I would highly recommend VIP Text Deals.com. They manage it all!

TJ Nigro – Village Garden Florist

We have installed VIP Text Deals system into all 16 locations in KC & St. Louis. VIP Text Deals is truly a full service team of Loyalty Specialists!

David Copeland – Fantastic Sams