If your business depends on appointments or reservations, we can help you minimize missed opportunities with your customers by reminding them of upcoming appointments and allowing them to confirm their attendance. Best of all, Appointment Keeper is HIPPA Compliant!

Schedule Appointment Reminders

Quickly schedule your customer appointment reminder messages from any computer or internet connected device.

2-Way Communication

Once contacted, your customers can reply to confirm their appointment or answer any questions you may have.

Increase Your Bottom Line

Our customers have on average seen a drop in "no-show" appointments of over 30%.

No Contract!

We’ll never make you sign a contract and our flexible pricing model is a great fit for any budget.

Missed Appointments = Lost Revenue!

Your time is very valuable, which is why you keep to a strict schedule — any minute that you spend that isn't with a client is a dollar you do not earn. Unfortunately, sometimes your clients — who also lead very busy lives — forget about their appointments, which costs you revenue, causes disruptions in your schedule, and hurts your professional relationship. If you could give all of your clients appointment reminders prior to their appointments, that would increase revenue and increase customer satisfaction.

Schedule Appointment Reminders

Appointment Keeper is perfect for the personal services and professional services industries. For example, if you run a hair salon, massage therapy practice, law firm, or auto repair business, Appointment Keeper will help you spend less time on the phone and spend more billable time providing services to your customers.

Appointment Keeper also supports scheduling appointments where you go to your customer — for example, HVAC repairs, exterminators, computer/networking installation, and the like. If you use it, your customers will be happier and you'll prevent the huge expenses associated with wasted truck rolls.

Send Reminders Automatically

Appointment Keeper lets you send those reminders automatically: just schedule the appointment in our easy-to-use web interface, type in the client's contact information, and we'll send them text message or email reminders as you specify. Set it and forget it. There is no special software to install and no hardware to buy!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you need to use Appointment Keeper?

    Appointment Keeper runs on any device that has a web-browser and is connected to the Internet. A lot of our customers use iPads or other tablets, but some use a desktop computer.
  • Is it an iPad app?

    No, Appointment Keeper is a web application, which lets you use it from almost any computer or mobile device that is connected to the Internet.
  • Do my customer's need an iPhone or need to install an app?

    No, Appointment Keeper utilizes text messaging to communicate with your customers. They do not need anything other than a cell phone.

The demand for Text

• 91% of patients use text messaging on their phone. This figure peaks as high as 97% among patients age 20-29 and is still above 60% among patients age 60 and older!
• 74% of respondents say they would like to receive a text that reminds them of an upcoming appointment.
• 54% of survey respondents say they are more likely to respond to an appointment confirmation text message than a phone call or email.

Businesses who would Benefit from Appointment Keeper

• Auto Service Centers • Golf Courses • Pharmacy's • Doctors • Dentists • Accountants • Bowling Alley's • Dry Cleaners • Lawyers • Chiropractors • Insurance Agents • Mortgage Brokers • Beauty Salons • Service Type Businesses • Massage Salons • And Many More!


"I use Appointment Keeper to remind my patients of upcoming appointments, I've cut "no shows" by almost 30%!"

Kevin Henry, Blue Sky Dental

"Using Appointment Keeper as our service reminder solution is having a positive impact on our repeat automotive service customers."

Marci Purcell, Kimball Automotive Group